• UN warns of ‘further war crimes’ against Rohingya in Myanmar
  • Myanmar army probes ‘wider patterns’ of abuse against Rohingya
  • Bangladesh: Reunify Rohingya Refugee Families
  • Canada, Netherlands join Gambia’s genocide case against Myanmar
  • Rohingya cry for help as world turns a blind eye
  • Rohingya crisis: Nearly 300 refugees land in Indonesia after months at sea
  • Internet, mobile network restored for Rohingya refugees

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  • UN warns of ‘further war crimes’ against Rohingya in Myanmar
  • How Violence in Myanmar Radicalised a New Generation of Rohingya
  • 600,000 Rohingya children may flee to Bangladesh, aid group warns
  • ‘Myanmar’s best interests lie in stabilising Rakhine’
  • Commonwealth secretary-general commends Bangladesh response to Rohingya refugees
  • Military Chiefs of Iran, Pakistan Call for Action on Rohingya Crisis
  • Bangladesh Plans to Build Huge Refugee Camp for Rohingya
  • How India’s four-pronged strategy on the Rohingya problem evolved
  • Iranian MPs Blast Muslim Countries’ Silence on Violence against Rohingyas
  • “Crackdown on Myanmar Muslims Part of US Plot to Undermine Islam”

At MyanmarCrimes.com, we investigate & report on genocide and ethinic cleansing against Rohingya committed by the Myanmar regime & Buddhist extremists.

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